Mary Ruth Care Services

Some options of funding your care

  • Private Funding

    Private care is the quickest and easiest way to purchase specialist care for someone you care about such as a family member or a close friend. All our charges are fully inclusive there are no hidden costs. additionally, you can top up care already provided by social services privately from us.

  • Direct Payments

    Adult social services will assess your needs. Once you have been assessed as needing support you may be eligible for cash payments. This will enable you to arrange your own support from service providers such as Mary Ruth Care Services. These cash payments are called direct payments. You will have to open a separate bank account to receive your direct payments and also keep a record of all payments made out of this account. Adult social services will need to see records of how your direct payment has been spent to make sure that the money has been spent on meeting the care you have been assessed as needing.

  • NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

    Continuing Healthcare is arranged and funded by the NHS for individuals outside of hospital who have ongoing healthcare needs. This means that you will receive care and support to meet your assessed needs at no cost to you. However, you must be assessed by a team of qualified healthcare professionals as having an enduring health problem, to qualify.